Space for Architecture Cambodia (SAC) is a non-profit organisation of architects, students of Architecture and other enthusiasts passionate about architecture and urban heritage in Cambodia. Space for Architecture is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and it promotes the dialogue about urban heritage as part of Cambodia’s cultural heritage. We aim to widen the knowledge, awareness and understanding of architecture for both inhabitants and visitors.


Embedded in its historical, socio-political and cultural context, Space for Architecture Cambodia considers architecture and urban design as a significant expression of the past, the present as well as for the future.


Our reflections and engagements include research and the documentation of urban heritage as well as educational programs on architecture – especially on urban heritage and green architecture. Furthermore we organize architecture tours and heritage trails (affiliated with Khmer Architecture Tours) for inhabitants and tourists. Our reasons are twofold: both to raise awareness about the dangers of losing our cultural heritage with more and more historical examples of Cambodian Architecture being demolished or just crumbling down with neglect and to increase tourism in our beautiful city which merits more attention than merely a visit to the Royal Palace.


We facilitate public events like festivals and conferences to increase the peoples’ knowledge and appreciation of urban environment.